Monday, October 10, 2016

Dhaka to Chittagong (DAC-CGP) all domestic flight schedules

Dhaka to Chittagong is is the most busiest domestic airway root in Bangladesh as well as roadway. Shah Amanat International Airport is the 2nd biggest airport in Bangladesh situated in Potenga Road, South Laldachir 4206, Chittagong, Bangladesh. There is more or less Than 18 daily flights available to Shah Amanat International Airport from Shah Jalal International Airport Dhaka. Dhaka to Chittagong daily & weekly schedules are:

Departure TimeArrival TimeAirlineFridaySaturdaySundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday
7:15 AM8:00 AMNovoair 901YYYYYY
7:20 AM8:15 AMBiman 411YYYYY
7:20 AM8:15 AMBiman 413YY
7:30 AM8:20 AMUS-Bangla Airlines 101YYYYYYY
8:00 AM8:45 AMNovoair 903YYYYYYY
8:00 AM8:50 AMRegent Airways 711YYYYYYY
9:00 AM9:45 AMNovoair 905YYYYYY
9:20 AM10:05 AMRegent Airways 786YYYY
10:00 AM10:45 AMNovoair 907YYYYYYY
10:00 AM10:50 AMUS-Bangla Airlines 103YYYYYYY
3:00 PM3:45 PMNovoair 911YYYYYYY
3:15 PM4:05 PMUS-Bangla Airlines 105YYYYYYY
4:10 PM5:00 PMRegent Airways 713YYYYYYY
4:15 PM5:00 PMBiman 27YY
4:15 PM5:00 PMBiman 127Y
4:15 PM5:00 PMBiman 227Y
4:15 PM5:00 PMBiman 327Y
4:35 PM5:20 PMBiman 125Y
4:40 PM5:25 PMBiman 47YY
6:00 PM6:50 PMUS-Bangla Airlines 107YYYYYYY
6:15 PM7:00 PMNovoair 913YYYYYYY
7:15 PM8:00 PMRegent Airways 723YYYYYY
7:15 PM8:10 PMBiman 417YYYYYYY
7:45 PM8:30 PMNovoair 915YYYYYY
7:45 PM8:35 PMUS-Bangla Airlines 109YYYYYYY
8:00 PM8:50 PMRegent Airways 715YYYYYYY
8:05 PM8:50 PMBiman 21Y
8:20 PM9:05 PMBiman 45Y
8:20 PM9:05 PMBiman 145Y
8:20 PM9:05 PMBiman 247Y
8:30 PM9:20 PMUS-Bangla Airlines 111YYYYYY
9:35 PM10:20 PMBiman 37YY

To book ticket in Biman Bangladesh Airlines call at +88 -02-8901306, +88-02-8901384 Extn: 2710
or visit Biman Bangladesh Airlines website

To book ticket of US-Bangla Airlines call at 13605
or visit US-Bangla Airlines website

To book ticket of NOVOAIR call at 13603
or visit NOVOAIR website

To book ticket of Regent Airways call at +880255669911 or  +8809612669911
or visit Regent Airways website