Thursday, December 1, 2016

Akota Paribahan (Dhaka to Bogra, Naogaon) all routes and counters address & mobile number

Akota Paribahan is a Bogra based transport service is owned by a union of some bus owners. Akota Paribahan is one of the most popular bus transport service as they have the highest number of bus in North-Bengal to Mohakhali route. Akota Paribahan have only Non-AC chair coaches only in service till date.

Below mentioned routes are followed by Akota Paribahan:

  • Bogra to Dhaka
  • Naogaon to Dhaka
  • Sherpur to Dhaka
  • Bogra to Mohakhali
  • Bogra to Gazipur Chowrasta
  • Naogaon to Mohakhali
  • Naogaon to Chowrasta
  •  Dhaka to Bogra
  • Dhaka to Naogaon
  • Mohakhali to Bogra
  • Mohakhali to Naogaon
Akota Paribahan all counter address & contact number mentioned below:

District Name:Address:Mobile Number:Telephone Number:
BograMuroil Bussstand01713722282
BograThanthania Busstand0119713686205164582
BograShantahar (Grameen Foods)01726615334
BograChowmohuni Busstand-101711410464
BograB Block01758877709
BograSharpukur Busstand01713763753
BograChowmohuni Busstand-201733287269
BograAdamdighi (Hotel Siyam)01713724672
BograDupchachia Busstand01722935818
DhakaMohakhali Busstand01711103191
DhakaAzompur, Uttara01717551107
DhakaAbdullahpur, Uttara01712287730
DhakaAirport (Hotel Monolova)01882123299
GazipurChowrasta Bypass017436617077
GazipurKonabari Busstand01752224923
GazipurTongi (Hossen Market)01772115729
GazipurChandura ( Chandra)01736529098
NaogaonDhaka Busstand01780184640074162082

Complain Center Numbers are : 
01199801213, 01817108870, 01717372031 (Bogra)
01733172190 (Naogaon)